THIRD + BIRD hosts carefully curated events that provide fun + inspiring gathering places for artisans and shoppers.

We serve artisans by creating a platform where they can share their craft, and grow their business. We serve shoppers by inspiring them to choose hand-crafted, locally produced goods and connecting them with Manitoba makers.

At THIRD + BIRD, we are proud to work with integrity and creativity to offer you workshops, gatherings, and markets that are more than just an event – they are an experience with every detail thought out in a way that supports local makers, artisans, farmers, and other local businesses. We strive for a personal connection with those we serve and work with – because local makers and their crafts matter to us – and we believe they matter to you.


Charla Smeall

Charla is a stay at home mom of four boys, which is her most important and first love. THIRD + BIRD is an outlet for her other skills (ones that don’t involve smelliness and driving a van around all day). It keeps her creative and connected in a different environment where she can help others, meet new people, and grow friendships. Though she is NOT crafty, Charla likes the process of imagining an idea and making it happen – of taking nothing and making it into a BIG something. She is passionate about the “boring logistics” of planning a big event, and loves the details that make the little things beautiful, too.




Chandra Kremski

Chandra is a professional contemporary artist who credits her success to her mother who recognized her artistic abilities and encouraged her to be creative from a young age. In turn, she is inspiring her daughters in their creativity and creating art alongside them. Chandra loves to bring the spot light to other local talents and pays this forward through her passion about THIRD + BIRD. She can be seen in the ‘front lines’ seeking out opportunities as she builds relationships with and empowers local artisans, shoppers, sponsors, and others who collaborate on projects.  You can find Chandra’s artwork at www.chandrakremski.com


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