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art gallery

New addition to the Third + Bird Markets

Third + Bird Art Gallery is an installation set up throughout our markets featuring Manitoba artists. It was created to showcase their fine art, design, textiles, media + architecture within our market settings. The gallery is a beautiful interactive experience with our artists + shoppers.

These artists have poured their heart, soul and precious time into these projects, it’s our honour to introduce them to you. Enjoy reading about these artists and explore their websites and social media accounts.

elaine dilay

Born and raised on the prairies, Winnipeg artist Elaine Dilay has always been creative and enjoys painting as an outlet through every season of life. Wife and mother of 3 young boys she has a passion to add beauty & interest through her work. She comes from a family rich in the arts – with actors, graphic and interior designers, fine artists, musicians, and performers.

Elaine creates original abstract pieces that are dramatic both in texture and color. She draws inspiration from the world of interior design, fashion and her love for drama. Each painting is unique and can stand alone to be a show stopper in your space.

While most of her art career has been spent creating acrylic abstracts she fell in love with resin art over a year ago and simply can’t get enough of the glossy medium. Her current collections are a blend of acrylics, epoxy resin and mixed media. Elaine gravitates towards a bold pallet and incorporates metallics in most of her work.

Elaine sells her work to art collectors, interior design stores and luxury home builders. She also offers unique products with her resin application on round art, table tops and wooden home wares.

eve seven co

Rhonda Wiebe is a maker of macrame magic! She will be showcasing a beautiful, unique wall hanging in our Art Gallery. She also hosts macrame workshops at Verde Terrariums, please check their site for upcoming class times.

kal barteski

KAL BARTESKI is an artist. She works with private clients, global brands and philanthropic organizations around the world. A published author, award winning designer, sought after script artist, a TEDx speaker and a winner of a Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She is an artist living her dream in Canada’s winter wonderland. When she isn’t using her iconic and recognizable brush script to create typographic art or visiting polar bears in Canada’s North – she is busy speaking about art, inspiration and creativity.

And maybe a little magic.

leanne grapentine

I create one of a kind hanging wall tapestries, made with bright vibrant colours and bold patterns, with emphasis on texture. To create these works, I use a variety of sources for my textiles—including gifts from friends, inherited vintage, and repurposed local fibers.

The inspiration for these unique weavings come from photos taken here in Manitoba, as well as my travels.

pink panda

PINK PANDA – CATHLEEN HUES is a visual/street artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba. She is a freelance graphic designer with over a decade of experience and is now pursuing her true passion of painting and drawing.

During the spring and summer months she delights passersby around the city with unexpected chalk drawings. Cathleen has collaborated with local business CREATE and the 2016 Electric Donkey Run, where she painted a pop-up mural at the Forks using only UV spray paints. She has also worked with Winnipeg based DRAFT Skateboards to create a limited edition printed skate deck. Her work has been exhibited in local group art shows which included Seen and Sound in 2015 and RAW: Winnipeg presents REVEAL showcase in 2016. Currently a few of her hand painted skate decks are on display at FLOAT.Calm. Cathleen is a member in good standing at Cre8ery. Both her paintings and skate decks have found homes with private collectors. She is currently working on commissions and collaborations with local and international artists and hopes to have a solo show at an art gallery in the near future.

Cathleen enjoys working with monsters and mythical creatures. She incorporates this subject matter into her work using a variety of mediums. Leveraging her background in design, she is expanding into apparel, stickers, and vinyl toys. Cathleen’s style consists of bold continuous lines; an abstract feel merged with vibrant colours. She encourages the viewer to look beyond the first impression, as there is always something deeper to see.

taq yoneda

TAQ YONEDA, KNOWN AS “Q” to the artistic community, is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Kyoto, Japan in 1986.

Q. began his artistic journey when he started drawing for the first time at 2 and a half years old. Since then, he has taught himself all of the skills that make him the talented artist that he is today. Q. has a neurological phenomenon called “synaesthesia,” which enables him to feel colours when he hears sound. This gift allows him to take in the atmosphere and the environment to create beautiful and intricate pieces of art.

Q.’s works are based on the intersection of his cultural experiences and his feelings. He tells a unique story in every piece he produces. His favourite mediums to work with are watercolour, acrylic, and digital painting. His expertise also extends to comic stories and live painting. Q. recently moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba and has already made a name for himself through his live painting contributions at local charity events. Q. has also produced and published two educational comic books in Japan, and is currently in the process of creating his third book.