What can I expect at a Third + Bird Market?

On average our shows see 5500+ shoppers through the door, with our numbers increasing every show. We host at unique venues that have character and warmth. This can mean crowds and close quarters, but it is a “happy chaos”. We strive to create an experience for our shoppers and vendors. From decor to music and delicious food, we make our shows unique and a memorable experience.


When are Markets held?

The weekend before Mothers Day and the last full weekend of November.



How do I apply for a Third + Bird Market?

The application process opens up 3 months prior to the Market dates. You have a 2 week window to apply, at which time the applications will be ‘live’ on our website for you to apply.


You will be required to fill out an online form + upload 6 photos, with one of the photos being an example of your booth display.

To find out when the next application will be posted, please sign up for our newsletter on the home page. We notify subscribers in advance of application dates. You can follow our Instagram and Facebook page for notifications as well.


What is included in the cost of the space?

Your square footage, mass marketing of the sale, a poster package, a post of your company on all of our social media and a listing on our vendor webpage. We DO NOT provide tables or chairs. Bring your own or get creative with your space.


Can I sell a product that I don’t make myself?

We do not accept 3rd party vendors, such as Epicure, Tupperware, etc. Your product must be an idea original to yourself, or made by yourself. This includes vintage wares for sale.


Can I split my booth with a friend?

We now offer Shared Booths.

You may request to share a booth with a specific partner if you are BOTH accepted to the Market. Please submit your application separately and indicate in the checked “SHARED BOOTH’ box your desired booth partner.

If only one of you is accepted, we will offer you a regular 7×7 booth at $250 + GST


What if I am accepted and need to cancel?

We have a grace period for cancellations once your application & payment has been accepted. The dates will be in your contract. Any cancellations after these dates will not receive a refund.


I am a first time vendor and am worried about the cost of a space & if I will sell enough product?

We have introduced the “Little Bird” program. This program allows a handful of first time vendors to apply for a reduced rate. We jury this category separate from the main applications and choose a maximum of 3 vendors we feel qualify. This is a one-time chance, and if you do well & apply the following sale, you will be charged the full fee.

If you apply under the “Little Bird” program, you may not apply as a regular vendor as well. You will have to choose one or the other.

Little Bird rates are 40% off the regular fee of a 7 x 7 booth only

Submit your application through our website as normal, Then email us to confirm you would like your application to be considered for the Little Bird program at: hello@thirdandbirdevents.com


How do we jury the sale?

We receive hundreds of applications, Manitoba is full of amazing talent. This makes the jurying process difficult at times. We enlist the help of an unbiased jury to help us make decisions based purely on product (and not on our relationships with all you lovely vendors past and present). We divide vendors into categories (eg. jewelry, body products, knitting,etc.) as we see fit, this creates diversity in the sale and gives each vendor a chance to be exclusive in their area of creativity. We then vote on each application and compile a cancellation list as well.


How can I make sure my application stands out from the rest?

We make our decision based on the six photos and company description you submit. Make sure they are the best possible photos to hi-lite your product. We take into account any websites or social media accounts, make sure to include these links

You may have a lot of product in varying shapes, color, size…but editing your photo to focus on one or a few items speaks volumes more than a photo with too much product. We love to see branding, packaging, all the details that our shoppers are looking for.


What is Third + Bird looking for in a vendor?

We love product that is unique, high quality and has that “I want it” factor. We appreciate every detail from packaging & branding to display setup. We are looking for current product that is new and not the typical craftsale wares. If you are in a highly saturated category (eg. jewellery, knitting) we are looking for the extra details and quality that make you stand out from the rest.


I would like to apply as a cafe vendor?

If you are selling food that is being served and meant to be eaten on site, ie. cafe vendor. We have a separate process and fee for cafe vendors. Please contact us at hello@thirdandbirdevents.com for more information