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FAQs 2018-07-04T07:24:58+00:00

frequently asked questions

If your question isn’t answered here, email

How do I contact Third + Bird for media releases? 2017-08-14T10:29:37+00:00

We love doing radio, newspaper and TV please contact Chandra to discuss media options.

How do I become involved as a sponsor?  2018-01-08T19:38:13+00:00

We are always looking at partnering with companies who want to support the local – small business movement.Email us at if you have an idea, products or space you would like to create at our Markets.

What can I expect at a Third + Bird Market? 2018-11-01T16:36:45+00:00

Our markets see 20,000+ shoppers through the door, with increasing numbers each market. We pride ourselves on creating a unique shopping experience filled with inspiring visuals, food + drink, live music and infectious energy!

When are Markets held? 2018-11-01T16:59:53+00:00

2019 DATES

Spring Market // May 3, 4 + 5

Clear Lake Market //  Aug 3 + 4

Manyfest Market //  Sep 6-8

Christmas Market  //  Nov 22- 24

How do I apply for a Third + Bird Market? 2019-01-18T12:56:45+00:00

The application process opens up approximately 3-months prior to the Market dates.

Applications will be ‘live’ on the website.

Clear Lake Apps //  now closed

Spring Market Apps  //  Feb 1-10

Manyfest Apps //  Apr 1 – 10

Christmas Market Apps // Sep 1-10

Forks Christmas Popups // Oct 1 – 10

You will be required to fill out an online application form, and upload 6 photos (in square format + under 1 MB each) that best represent your products and brand.

To find out when the next application will be posted, please sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter.

What is included in the cost of the space? 2018-08-24T18:01:04+00:00

Your cost includes: your booth square footage, mass marketing of the sale, a poster package, a post of your company on all of our social media outlets which has over 38,000 followers and counting, and a listing on our vendor webpage.

We DO NOT provide tables or chairs. Creativity is encouraged in creating an engaging space for shoppers to interact with your product.

Can I sell a product that I don’t make myself? 2019-01-01T10:35:13+00:00

We do not accept 3rd party vendors, such as Epicure, Tupperware, Norwex etc. This includes vintage wares or upcycled goods for sale.

Your product must be an idea original to yourself, or made by yourself.

All out-sourced products must be ethically produced either locally or overseas. Please provide evidence of this in your application if applicable.

Can I split my booth with a friend? 2018-01-08T19:33:34+00:00

We now offer Shared Booths.

You may request to share a booth with a specific partner if you are BOTH accepted to the market. Please submit your applications separately and indicate in the “SHARED BOOTH’ box your desired booth partner.

If only one of you is accepted, we will offer the vendor accepted a 10 ft across x 5 ft deep booth.

What if I am accepted and need to cancel? 2017-08-14T10:24:42+00:00

We have a grace period for cancellations once your application and payment has been accepted. The dates will be in your contract. Any cancellations after these dates will not receive a refund.

I am a first time vendor and am worried about the cost of a space & if I will sell enough product. 2019-04-05T15:20:52+00:00


The ‘Little Bird’ program allows first-time Third + Bird vendors to apply for a reduced rate.  We pride ourselves on being a market that is accessible and finding up and coming makers. This category is juried separately from the main applications. The ‘Little Bird’ program is a one-time chance for NEW vendors to the Third + Bird Market. If you are a ‘Little Bird’ for one market, and apply the following market, you will automatically apply as a regular vendor + pricing.

If you apply under the “Little Bird” program, you are unable to apply as a regular vendor. You must choose one or the other.

Little Bird rates are 40% off the regular fee of a 10 x 5 booth only.

To apply as a ‘Little Bird’, submit your application through our website as normal, then email us to confirm you would like your application to be considered for the ‘Little Bird’ program at:

NOTE: The Little Bird program only applies to our Spring + Christmas Markets at the Bay in Winnipeg

How does Third + Bird jury the sale? 2017-08-15T15:52:28+00:00

Manitoba is full of amazing talent, meaning we receive hundreds of applications for each market.  Third + Bird enlists the help of an unbiased jury to help us choose our vendors.

Each jury member thoroughly assess’ each potential vendor by reviewing their application and visiting their website / social media accounts. Potential vendors must meet Third + Bird criteria of being a local small business, as well as their execution of product quality, branding, shopper appeal, innovative design and display setup.

Vendors are then divided into categories as Third + Bird sees fit (examples, bath + body, homewares, food + drink, kids, etc.) which creates diversity and allows each vendor a chance to be exclusive in their area of creativity.

The jury then votes, based on the above criteria, on each individual application to create a final vendor list. A cancellation list is also compiled.

How can I make sure my application stands out from the rest? 2017-08-14T10:26:50+00:00

Your application is your first impression!

The 6 photos your choose to submit on your application should be high quality and highlight your products, packaging, overall brand and appeal. Showcase all the details our shoppers look for when attracted to a new company. Think of these photos as a well-curated Instagram feed quality, and not just photos of everything you sell piled into a couple images.

Our jury will also take into consideration your website and social media accounts, so be sure to include those in your application. Having social media accounts is a big plus!

We highly suggest hiring someone in the industry who’s an expert at making product shine, or researching good tips on how to take a great flat lay. Take a look at our social media accounts to get a strong idea of what makes a vendor stand out.

What is Third + Bird looking for in a vendor? 2018-08-24T18:03:45+00:00

We love product that is local, unique, high quality and has that ” it” factor. We appreciate  every detail from packaging and branding, to display setup. We are looking for modern product that is new and not the typical craft-sale wares. If you are in a highly saturated category (example, kids + baby, bath, etc.) we are looking for the extra details and quality that make you stand out from the rest. We also look at your social media accounts + websites. We are looking for people who set the bar by using creative photos and social interaction with their shoppers.

Do I need any permits to participate? 2017-08-15T15:54:01+00:00

No–unless you are a food vendor (selling either food to eat on-site or packaged food). If you are a food vendor, you will need to obtain a temporary event health permit. If you are accepted, we will provide you with more information.