Giving Back

At THIRD+BIRD, we are all about people. And communities. We want to make a difference. A difference in the lives of our local artisans, growers, small business owners, and regular joes + janes who are looking to find artisanal products and foods.


Is that enough of a difference? Nope. Not a chance. We believe it’s important to support our global community, too. That’s why we create events that are full circle – supporting local and global artisans.


We have partnered with the Nepali Women’s Co-op in the Himalayan Region and a portion of proceeds from every Market, Gathering, and Workshop will create opportunities in the lives of the women of this co-op.

The co-op works with women with financial challenges and at-risk for human trafficking. These women are empowered through education and micro-enterprise, such as tailoring school, that create opportunities for themselves and their families. The Nepali Women’s Co-op also support elderly women who are no longer able to provide for themselves, by meeting their monthly basic needs. Finally, the co-op hosts retreats to sow support, care, and rejuvenation into the lives of the women they work alongside.

At Third + Bird we are huge believers in creating FULL CIRCLE events. Supporting the local community and reaching out and supporting the global community.

We are happy to announce that over $16,000 was raised for the Nepali Womens Co-op, at the 2016 Christmas Market!

This total combines the cookie table, raffle table, Nepal table and donations from Third + Bird.

The winners of the Christmas Market raffle this year were:

Paola Pontes, Kim Gelinas and Rebecca McClure