The browluxe® mission was to create a product that could outperform all others of its kind on the market in quality and usability, while offering it at a price point that makes it a no-brainer decision compared to industry leading brands. The browluxe® Precision Brow Pencil design was approached with industry experience, the knowledge of certified brow technicians , and a love of cosmetics that clearly surpasses how it makes a person look and focuses on how it makes them feel. Experience your best brows, with browluxe®.
browluxe® Precision Brow Pencil - 8 shades including: -C 01 Taupe -C 02 Ash -C 03 Coal -N 01 Coffee -N 02 Carbon -W 01 Walnut -W 02 Nutmeg -W 03 Cocoa
Self + Body Care