Mama Pacha

Mama Pacha is your local herbal skin care specialists. Mama Pacha is one of the original Manitoba herbal skin care companies. Even now, Mama Pacha still makes all products in small batches and by hand from start to finish. Mama Pacha works with farmers and wild harvesters for quality herbs and beeswax and enjoy supporting other Manitoba businesses. You can feel good with Mama Pacha products on your body and in your home.
Mom and Baby Line (all cloth diaper safe) Diaper cream, bum spray, nipple cream, cheeck stick Facial Hair line beard oil, beard balm, stache wax, aftershave stick Face Line Face cream, serum, eye cream, toners Toiletries body butter, tooth powder, deodorant, lip balm, hand soap Specialty items Limber salve, calendula salve, moon time magic, DIY kits to make your own herbal products
Mama Pacha is a 1 woman show run by me, Tara Garcia. I make every product by hand start with dried herbs, infusing those medicinal properties into carrier oils and then using the medicinal infused oils to make products. I have a helper or two who comes in during busier seasons to hand label jars but every single product that goes out the door, has been made by hand, by myself.
Mama Pacha focuses on working with local suppliers for anything we are not making personally. This means working with local MB farmers for our beeswax, working with a local Metis run print company for our label printing, ordering most containers from a Winnipeg based supplier, our dried herbs, when purchased and not picked, are purchased from wild harvesters first in Manitoba when available and then ordered from a B.C company specializing in wild harvesting and growing of organic herbs. We purchase most raw material from a company in Ontario, the ones we can't get in MB. The only thing coming from the USA is some empty plastic cosmetic containers that can't be found in Canada.
Self + Body Care