Beeproject Apiaries


Beeproject has been active in the Winnipeg area for over a decade. Beeproject was instrumental in bylaw changes that allow for urban beekeeping and they continue to use their social media platforms to promote and celebrate the Winnipeg community. Beeproject also does extensive work to educate youth by visiting schools and camps to discuss pollinators and why bees are so important to people.  Beeproject has a wide range of sustainably produced hive products, the most notable is their Neighbourhood Honey which is used to celebrate local food and engage urbanites on ways that we can all help promote and protect food production. These honeys allow people to taste and purchase honey from diverse neighbourhoods of Winnipeg where they may have a special connection to. All of Beeproject's products are great for gifting (or for yourself!) as they build an excitement for Winnipeg and the uniqueness of this place. All hive products are raw, small batch and artisanally produced. Accountability and honesty and relationship building with customers and other local makers are paramount to the Beeproject brand as they strive toward sustainability in their business practices and to move Winnipeg forward as a progressive city.
Neighbourhood Honey from a variety of Winnipeg areas; Creamed Honey; Bee Pollen, Beeswax and other hive products.
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