Bōbé Beauty


Marlese is a unique, proprietary blend of woman, sensual alchemist + innovative entrepreneur. Life's many twists + turns led her to launching Bōbé Beauty. It's is truly a culmination of all the best bits she experienced, learned, created + is now sharing with others. Bōbé Beauty is about honouring + restoring one's authentic beauty + wellbeing. Through experiential services and natural self care products that are intentional. Scent has been one of her earliest memories + passions. In creating her premier natural perfume, METSA, she takes muses on a truly aromatic journey. She has a reverence for each ingredient added and the result speaks for itself. In an industry that has long been strouded in secrets + uses questionable ingredients she is ready to break free of that. Transparency with ingredient lists, choosing quality + ethics with organic + wild harvested selections and passing the power to the wearer. The muse creates her own story with the fragrance as she anoints herself. It is created with her in mind and the scent is intimate. Meant for her + those SHE wishes to share it with. Not overpowering and speaking for her. It merely shares part of her essence.
METSA Natural Perfume
Self + Body Care