Charleston + Harlow


BIO Jeff and Andrea, self-professed travel nerds + foodies, started Charleston + Harlow after a trip to Croatia in the fall of 2015 inspired them with delightful scents and sights. During their travels, they realized that they wanted to be able to take home the scents as a reminder of their trip, but there was no readily available way to do so. As genius ideas often do, a bottle of wine and some time to kill on the island was all it took to come up with an idea that quickly stole both of their hearts. What if they could re-create the scents, and share them with others? And what would be the best medium to do that? Given that they shared a love of candles and all things scented, this seemed to be a match made in heaven... if they could just figure out how to do it! Fast forward to spring of 2016, when they began the research needed to try their hands at soy candles. Clearly, there was a definite science required to get the quantities, temperatures and overall formulas just right, but more than that these candles needed to have quality ingredients and some heart behind them. It was extremely important to both that the candles performed exceptionally well in terms of both the burn and scent throw, that the fragrance blends were complex and unique, and that they looked incredible in virtually any space all while being priced affordably. They also wanted a product that wasn't full of the standard toxins that most candles are produced with, and that the company's carbon footprint was as small as possible. Charleston + Harlow has built off the success of their high-quality candles and expanded the line to also include Room Sprays and Perfume Rollers, as well as a new line of skin care and bath products to further the self-care experience. Jeff and Andrea hope to continue to grow their company while continuing to be as ethical, green, and natural as possible, without sacrificing on good design aesthetic and a sharp pun or two.
10 oz Soy Wax candles poured in Signature coloured glass Jars * 9 oz Soy Wax candles poured in straight-walled clear glass jars with gold lids * 4 oz Soy Wax Candles poured in Gold travel tins * 4-Packs of Spa-Tealight Soy Candles in all Fall + Holiday scents * 10 mL Perfume rollers + 2oz ESPRIT Sprays in matching scents to all candles * Fancy AF Unisex Merch T-shirts in both Black and Peach Colours * 2 oz Cleansing Oil * 1 oz Facial Oil * 2 oz Toning Mists * 1 oz Night Serum * 10 mL Eye Serum * 10mL Spot Treatment * 4 oz Clay Masks * 13 oz Scented Bath Salts * 2 oz Body Oil * 2 oz SOS Balm * 2 oz MAGIC Magnesium Spray
Self + Body Care