CharlieBear's signature cuddly quilts are perfect for the little people in your life. Their modern designs and heirloom quality make every quilt a gift that will stand up to washing and use so that one day it may be passed down. CharlieBear quilts use only the highest quality materials in all three layers stitched together. Inside the quilt, Quilter's Dream Cotton batting is used, the finest cotton available that does not contain scrim, glue or binders. Quilter's Dream 100% Cotton proudly bears the Cotton Incorporated's Black Seal. It has a high thermal value (R-3.8), so it is warm, yet light and breathable which makes it functional with the change of seasons. The batting's long staple cotton fibres combined with a special needle punch process prevents any shifting and bunching inside the quilt. For the quilt top, CharlieBear uses 100% premium cotton fabric, free from harmful chemicals and safe for your precious little one. A superior thread count of 200 means their quilts are as soft and smooth as you can get. Babies use their own sense of touch and the touch of others to help soothe themselves as they enter new environments. CharlieBear values safety and comfort, thus selecting products like the exclusive Luxe Cuddle collection for the backs of their quilts to add another layer of softness. The binding (edging) is completed by machine for a durable finish. The above three layers are professionally quilted together using an industrial longarm quilt machine with Glide thread, a high-tenacity filament. It has a brilliant sheen with excellent wash-fastness and a strong resistance to detergents. You will notice the beautiful stitch definition the minute you hold one in your hands. CharlieBear Care: For best results, machine wash gentle cycle in cool water and dry on the lowest heat setting using a static control dryer sheet. With laundering, quilts gain texture and comfiness. CharlieBear loves creating custom quilts! If you love the fabric lines they are using, but have a vision in mind to complete the look in your nursery- collaboration is welcomed to invent something truly special and unique. Charlie Bear's letter wallhangings are small custom pieces for baby's room. Made up of the same quality materials you will find in their quilts, these works of art are custom quilted with a light and contemporary feel. The first letter of baby's name can be cut from a variety of fabrics, including Portugal cork, canvas and linen to fit with your nursery’s colour scheme.Crib quilts and wallhangings can be made to match to tie in the nursery's theme. Charlie Bear's The Manitoba Project not only works in baby's room, but makes a beautiful gift for friends and family. Perfect as part of a gallery wall or stand-alone in your living room, these pieces have also been known to adorn the walls of cabins. Every design is slightly different.... everything from simple solids to rustic and retro.
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