Chocolate Possibilities


Joseph learned from first his Grandmother who's family worked for the Royal Family. She came to Canada as a War Bride and Joseph started out making wedding cakes with her as a teenager. He trained as a Red Seal Chef and Chocolatier and then took a decade break to make Jewellery instead. He is back to his original passion - Creating it sugar and chocolate! 100 year old recipes modified for today's ingredients, as well as challenging flavour combinations. Creativity first! We ONLY sell at craft shows. Our product doesn't ship well, as chocolate shouldn't freeze or be too hot, so our customers are pretty supportive about getting to a show we are at!
Artisan Chocolates & Truffles - in many unique flavourful fillings. Almond Rocca - His signature candy - Made it very small batches, coated in chocolate - it's everyone's Favourite!
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