SOAK Bath Co


SOAK Bath Co is a handcrafted, luxury bath + body product line created in Niverville, Manitoba. The business is currently run by Candace, a one woman show aka. the crazy soap lady! She recently left her full time career in management to build her passion project of making soap + bath and body products for a living. Candace was featured with SOAK in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Canadian House + Home Magazine with her gorgeous, zero waste soap + shampoo bars. Each item in the product line is developed with a high standard in quality, aesthetic + packaging. In an effort to create a sustainable product line, each of the soap + shampoo bars are wrapped with a biodegradable, plantable seed paper label. The label can be planted under a thin layer of soil, watered and wildflowers will grow! The SOAK Bath Co brand is positioned as a high-end bath + body product line. Only premium grade, all natural ingredients are used in the making process of each item. All items in the product line are vegan, except for the Oatmeal, Milk + Honey Soap bar which is made with goat's milk. Each item is designed with every element in mind from the physical product itself, to colouring, "toppings" (on the soap bars) and packaging being of the utmost importance. Every product in the line up is designed, made + packaged by Candace in her home studio in Niverville, Manitoba.
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