CZE by Tania


Tania started her company, CZE out of the need to repair her overprocessed, broken hair. Her then boyfriend (now husband) Paul told her that her hair felt like straw or a "mop" from all the damage (nice, right?!). She tried many drugstore and salon products with no luck. After doing a lot of research and playing around with several natural concoctions, she came up with a hair treatment that genuinely started to work. Her hair was noticeably changing and from there family, friends and ultimately others needed to try her "magic hair oil". To date Tania has developed a whole line of hair care, beard care and is expanding her skin care line. Her hair care line still remains to be her first passion.
- Dry Shampoos - Hair Repair Masques - Leave-in Conditioner - Sea Salt Texturizing Sprays - Heat Protectant Hair Oils - Curl Defining Cream - Shampoo + Conditioner - Pomade - Eyelash Lengthening and Thickening Serum - Rosewater Toner - Deodorant - Lip Balm - Beard Oils - Beard Balms - Shave oil - Beard Wash
All the products/recipes are designed by me. I am involved with the whole process of making the product which includes: creating the recipe, producing the product, packaging and labelling end product. From time to time I will have my sisters give me a hand in the kitchen when I have a larger production day.
I source my materials from a few places: some ingredients I forage myself such as the wild flowers and grasses, I source my beeswax from a local farmer in St. Norbert, and all of my other materials such as essential oils, carrier oils, butters, and natural clays + muds I source from a supplier in Mississauga. This supplier sources from all over the world from ethical suppliers that meet their quality standards. Every raw material in their facility is vegan and has never tested on animals, as well has its own documentation with extensive detail about the product and testing it has been through to demonstrate quality/purity. I package all my own products, however I use a glass/packing supplier from the states. Their website states that they only sell products that are made in the U.S.A as they want to keep as many jobs as possible on their own soil, and want to support their vendors in their own country. It also states that though many of their competitors buy overseas to save money they still would rather pay a bit more and get quality work and support their own - something I believe in.
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