Fehr Forgeworks


Fehr Forgeworks was started in 2018 by Graeson Fehr, a 19 year old business student and avid outdoors enthusiast. From a young age he was taught the importance of cherishing and taking care of the natural environment, and spent most of his time, winter or summer, hiking though the woods and camping. When Graeson entered middle school he discovered his love of creating works of art, and the medium that best allowed him to express himself was knives. He found that he enjoyed the challenge of the hard, often frustrating work that was making knives. Knifemaking allowed him to experiment with many mediums and materials that have helped to develop his skills along the way, from metalworking and blacksmithing, to grinding, metal casting and jewelry, woodwork, copper work, as well as pushed him to study science, technology, history and business. In the early days of his company Graeson spent many hours finding scrap metal, and researching and testing to find out what would make good knives. With so much of what is produced in our society going to waste, Graeson learned that there are many types of metal being thrown away that can be use to make excellent knives. This line of thinking is where Fehr Forgeworks signature product emerged, the Railroad Spike Knife. The steel in railroad spikes is moderate carbon steel which can make a functional edge with careful processing and heat treatment, and by hammering out and polishing the blades he creates a knife from an item that is integral to our identity as not only Winnipegers, but also Canadians as a whole. While Fehr Forgeworks use lots of reclaimed materials, they also use new materials at the cutting edge of what is being developed in terms of performance to be able to provide the most effective tool possible. By using new and old materials together they are able to achieve the best of both worlds by providing knives that are both in superior quality, and also pay homage to the origin of the piece. Fehr Forgeworks uses all natural materials on the handles of their knives, as the use of natural materials like wood and antler bring a unique and individual feel to every piece, while also being the most conscious about the environmental impact. In addition to the Railroad Spike Knives Fehr Forgeworks offers a large degree of variety in their work, from knives designed for hunting and fishing, to camping and bushcraft, use in the kitchen, and even leather and woodworking. Fehr Forgeworks mission is to create an heirloom piece of functional art that will be able to be cherished and and used for generations.
Railroad Spike knives, High end hunting knives, filleting knives, kitchen knives, leatheworking knives, forged bottle openers, blacksmith keychains, knife stands and sheaths.