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When asked to make a birthday cake for a summer birthday, perfecting the recipe was Flour & Flower's top priority. As the saying goes "practice makes perfect". Priority number 2, was presentation. Certainly the summer garden provided inspiration. Experimenting with beautiful, edible, organic and pesticide-free flowers and herbs began. As evidenced by the initial response, Flour & Flower's practice did, indeed, pay off. Orders to provide unique floral creations became a regular occurrence and Flour & Flower continues to provide one-of-a-kind products all over Winnipeg, and throughout Manitoba and Canada.
Mini Cakes - Chocolate, Vanilla, and Raspberry Rosè Petal Pops Blossom Bark Rose Petal Caramel Corn Sweet Shortbread Savoury Shortbread Cookie Sandwiches Imperial Cookies Rose Petal Jam Meringue Rose Buds
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