Glenlea Greenhouses X Plant Roost


Glenlea Greenhouses and Plant Roost Design have teamed up to bring a one-of-a-kind combination to the market. Team member number one is Glenlea Greenhouses: experts at growing and providing quality plants for the interior and exterior landscape. Team member number two is Plant Roost Design: expert at designing and implementing plants into interior spaces. By colliding and joining forces they will offer unique and collaborative products that include the whole plant package: beautiful plants AND beautiful ways to incorporate them into your space. Glenlea Greenhouses has been in business since 1992 and have perfected the art of growing succulents year round and providing healthy, beautiful tropical houseplants for the home and office (on top of their regular seasonal plants). They also provide customers with any an abundance of knowledge and care instructions for maintaining their new plant friends from the time of purchase to regular maintenance. THEY GROW what they sell, so THEY KNOW what they sell! They will not sell plants that they cannot provide information on in terms of care, maintenance etc. Plant Roost Design is owned and operated by Cara Anderson - an Interior Designer turned Plant Designer. She gained her plant love and knowledge by working many years at Glenlea Greenhouses (yes, the two have been a team force for many years already!). She offers plant design services throughout Winnipeg, marketing solely by the use of Instagram. She designs and installs custom living walls, moss walls and customized planter designs. Additionally, through the use of Instagram, she offers plant design tips, tricks and DIY projects to help homeowners bring greenery into their spaces. By working together, Glenlea Greenhouses and Plant Roost Design will provide healthy and beautiful house plants to customers in an affordable, ready to display and one-of-a-kind format. Their mutual love for all things natural, beautiful and green makes them a force to be reckoned with. Glenlea Greenhouses website: Instagram: PlantRoost Website: Instagram:
-Small, medium and large succulents -Small, medium and large houseplants -Ready to display plants (pre planted into decorative containers) -Mixed containers (pre planted into decorative containers) -Moss walls (each unique, various sizes) -Macrame plant hangers -Kokedama -Pre planted living walls (can be customized on the spot) -Custom ordering for large living or moss walls -Plant design services, tips, advice