Jillian Leigh Jewelry


Jillian Leigh Jewelry is a brand of beautiful handcrafted fine jewelry made with precious metals and gemstones. Each handmade piece is inspired by Jillian's personal style, passion for adventure, and global fashion trends. It's unique, minimalistic, trendy and versatile jewelry you can wear every day. We believe jewelry needs to be unique and authentic as you are. We also believe in supporting small businesses, and using the highest quality materials and stones to make our jewelry. We carefully curate our materials from other small businesses all over Canada and the United States. Everything from the 14kt gold findings and chain to real genuine gemstones. Each piece is made to order and handcrafted in our Winnipeg studio. We draw inspiration for our collections from all over the world. Our newest collection is inspired by "Hygge" and Sweden's beautiful natural landscapes. The designs feature crisp clean lines, circle & bar styles with a unique minimalist look, all built with 14kt gold filled metals. The Sweden Inspired Collection is the most versatile everyday collection we've created, and full of staple pieces that resonate a feeling of comfort and charm. A big element in our brand is versatility, you can wear any of the pieces from our collections together, they are interchangeable. With the Sweden Inspired Collection, you can wear the plain gold pieces by themselves or layer with any of your favourite gemstone pieces. Shop the new Sweden Inspired Collection at the Third + Bird Christmas Market!
Stacking Rings Multi Design Rings Adjustable Rings with Gemstones Earrings Necklaces Bracelets *All market pieces will be made in 14kt gold filled metals & genuine gemstones.