Crêperie Ker Breizh owner's Yvonnick Le Lorec and Ketty Pichaud, have been dazzling customers with their sweet and savoury crêpes, representing their homeland of brittany, since they first starting appearing at Farmer's Market. They recently won the eighth annual Lion's Den grand prix business competition in April 2019 and have since taken over this kiosk on Esplanade Riel in May, to offer Winnipeg gourmands the chance to take authentic buckwheat breton crêpes that are made with local ingredients right before your eyes. Last biggest news, Ker Breizh moved in 180 Provencher blvd St. B. for an all year around crêperie to make delicious tradition pastries and host their customers in a breton atmosphere. They also start selling jars of the delicious salted caramel sauce in few retail stores.
Sweet crêpes, savoury crêpes and caramel jars. Sweet: homemade salted caramel, homemade chocolate, homemade jam, Savoury : egg, ham, smoked beef, cheese, onions.
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