flora & farmer


flora & farmer creates delightfully daring preserves your grandma never made! Lovingly handcrafted sweet and savoury spreads, addictive pickles, and award-winning fermented sauerkrauts in innovative flavour combinations will impress and inspire memorable meals. One of only a handful of companies in North America to produce spreads without added thickeners, instead lovingly reducing the fruit to a luxurious consistency, for a fruit-forward flavour with little sweetener. Pickles are most often made with local produce, a range of herbs, spices and some even have a good splash of booze, perfect for your next charcuterie board or sandwich. Award-winning sauerkrauts and fermented salsa have been known to change even the most ardent naysayers minds with bright umami flavour and probiotic health benefits.
Low sugar spreads, marmalades, pickles, fermented foods
I have created all of the recipes and largely produce the products myself, but now also have a production staff assisting in the kitchen.
We manufacture all the products in Winnipeg. Packaging is purchased from a Winnipeg or Canadian distributor, and manufactured in either China or the US. Labels are printed at a Winnipeg facility. Ingredients are from a range of sources- fruit for spreads is largely purchased through a Winnipeg-owned distributor and comes from around the globe, but in the summer we are able to source some local fruit directly from farmers. We have tried to make enough pickles from local, spray free farms this season to last the year, but if needed we will purchase from a female owned local organic distributor in Winnipeg to import produce. All spices are certified organic and come from a Canadian supplier.
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