Kitako Lake Honey


Kitako Lake Honey are 2nd generation beekeepers who are dedicated to furthering the best practices of beekeeping and producing pure, raw, and unfiltered honey in the process. Located in the Aspen Parkland region of East Central Saskatchewan, they aim to let the principles of sustainability, an attitude of experimentation, and a respect for their natural environment inform the practices through which their products are collected and crafted. Kitako Lake produces a unique line of honeys, most of which are based on the specific type of flowers our bees forage on. Our Dandelion and Sweet Clover varieties are perennial best sellers, giving the eater a unique taste of the prairies. In addition, our amazingly textured Raw Creamed Honey provides the health benefits of a raw honey while staying true to the classic, smooth creamed honey that many of us know and love.
Honey Raw Dandelion honey 375 ml jar Raw Sweet Clover Honey 375 ml/ 1 kg jar Raw Creamed Honey 375 ml/1 kg jar. Apparel- " Smoke Bees Every Day" T-shirt and Hoodie " Kitako Lake Raiders" T-Shirt and Hoodie
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