Laughing Magpie Woodworks

Dave’s relationship with wood began early with a playground of forest and massive Ontario timber barns. His Grandfather instilled in him an appreciation for working with this fascinating medium. Wood is worked much like that of onion layers, peeling away years of sunlight and rain, a universe of reflected light at every level. Dave’s primary tool is a wood lathe he acquired at age 13, with this machine he is able to manifest the ideas of his over active imagination, creating wooden objects that draw out an emotional connection. He uses wood harvested from our 80acre forest, reclaimed pallets, expired fruit trees and the occasional piano or two. Every piece created begins with a walk in the woods.
Salad bowls, yarn bowls, mojito muddlers, tops, spurtles, baby rattles, lidded boxes, rolling pins (traditional and French pastry), sock darning Mushrooms, walking sticks, ring bowls and boxes, large and small ornaments, wooden massage balls, stick vases
Home Decor