Leabee Wraps


Leabee Wraps wants to make sustainable and Earth friendly food storage as simple as possible. With their all natural, bio-degradeable, locally made wraps, you can wrap half an avacado, end of a cucumber, block of cheese, even cover plates and bowls of leftovers. Simply wash. wrap and reuse! Leabee continues to innovate and create products that are created with local and earth friendly ingredients with a nearly zero waste process to provide Manitobians with natural, plastic free options. Leabee now offers snack bags, sandwich bags, and produce bags for all your food storage needs.
Multipacks (three sizes of beeswax wraps in one package) Singles (individual sizes of beeswax wraps) Extra Large/Bread Wraps Snack bags Sandwich bags Produce bags DIY kits Canvas Lunch bags unpapertowel