Leabee wraps are an Earth friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Made with 100% cotton, Manitoba beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil, these wraps allow you to step away from the one time use plastics. Wrapping food, covering dishes and packing lunches never felt so good! Everything you store in a Leabee wrap will stay fresher longer. Even those finicky half avocados will stay green till the next day. 🙂 A journey to live more cohesively with the environment lead Charlotte (owner) to reduce the amount of plastic she used...especially in the kitchen. This drew her to find new options, and she began making beeswax wraps to cover dishes, store vegetables, and pack lunches. She started this business with her three children who's first initials make up the accronym LEA in leabee. It has been a beautiful experience to work together to make this world a better place, and to reduce the impact we have on the planet. Charlotte continues to innovate and find more ways to provide alternatives to one time use plastics to help others along the journey of sustainable living.
Beeswax wraps - Various individual sizes and multipacks. Beeswax produce bags Beeswax snack bags Beeswax sandwich bags DIY beeswax kits toothbrush covers refresher blocks
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