Little Love Home


Little Love Home originated from the desire to add a "Little Love" to your daily life by creating minimalist pieces to make your house a home. Sarah creates hanging planters, rainbows, and wall hangings to add life to your walls, and catch alls, baskets, and trays to fit any home decor style, for any room in the house. Each item is handmade with care, durable enough to withstand little hands and use for generations. Little Love Home is proud to be a sustainable, ethical brand, using vegan, eco-friendly materials sourced in Canada, and donating 5% of net proceeds to the Global Footprint Network.
Rainbow Wall Hangings, Mini Pot, Tiny Pot, Ring Dish, Trivets, Coasters (set of 4), Toy Basket, Giant Basket, Coffee Table Trays (11in, 14in), Hanging Planters (4in, 6in, 8in), Circle Bags.
Home Decor