Maison Corazon

The Designer: Mercedes is a Textile & Fashion Designer graduated with honors at the Faculty of Architecture, Design & Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires, with more than 10 years in the textile and fashion field. She loves the idea of self-expression through fashion, textile techniques, popular culture, and travel. She considers herself a very curious soul. " I observe, absorb the environment and connect things very easily, I love to create "wearable" stories, and to make my lovely customers the main character of that story. To me, clothes mean much much more than fabrics to cover yourself. Clothes are a unique way to express who you are. The Brand: Humorous yet poetic, feminine yet ironic, Maison Corazon collections are handmade by her in her Winnipeg atelier, presenting impeccable craftmanship and modern silhouettes. Bold prints and patterns ( her expertise ) are fused with unexpected details and sophisticated use of colour, all these attributes being the brand's DNA. The range of products extends to lifestyle items and accessories, that often are sourced ethically around the world and they are the "seasoning" of the collection, as Mercedes like to describe.
Women's clothing collection Straw Basket Shop Accessories ( scrunchies, headbands, french net bags )
Clothing + Accessories