Tara, the owner of Mama Pacha, has been making herbal skin care products and remedies for decades. She started making things when she was a teenager and her skill and interest have continued to grow. Since officially starting Mama Pacha, the brand has become a staple in so many Manitoban homes. Mama Pacha is now also carried in some local retail locations as well such as Vita Health, Generation Green, Organic Planet, Cramptons and more. Mama Pacha was formed in an effort to offer high quality herbal skin care products at an affordable price. Products are still made by hand, in small batches.
Selling all herbal skin care products in a number of lines Do It Yourself kits Mom and Baby products (all cloth diaper safe) Facial Care line Men's facial hair line Specialty products and remedies Summer Specific products Everyday products like deodorant, soap, lotion, lip balm etc.
All mama pacha products are made by me, Tara, by hand. I start my products with dry herbal plant material, infuse the medicinal properties into carrier oils and then use those herbal infused oils to make the products. I make all products, bottle all products by hand and label everything by hand as well.
I try to source as many products as I can in Manitoba, and for the items I can't, I order from shops around Canada. My wax comes from local farmers, herbs from Manitoba and B.C wild harvesters and dried herb companies, essential and carrier oils ordered from a Canadian supplier, most packaging and containers purchased here in Winnipeg with a few jars purchased in the USA.
Self + Body Care