Nepali Women's Coop

The Nepali Women's Co-op exists to see Nepali women and their families thrive in the Himalayan regions of Nepal and India. Participants in the Co-op receive funding and support for long-term sustainable development initiatives in education and tailoring schools. Additionally, the Nepali Women’s Co-op provides emergency relief and other aid for vulnerable women and their children. The NWC purchases items in the markets of Nepal, sells them at Third + Bird Markets, and sends the proceeds back to Nepal. Funds are also raised at Third + Bird markets through cookie and raffle ticket sales. In addition to proceeds from sales, 10% of all Third + Bird profits are generously donated to the NWC each year. The NWC is grateful for the support that Third + Bird provides.
Shawls - Cashmere scarfs - Pashminas - Coverups - Cookies- Raffle Tickets