Nice Art People


Pam and Darren Gerbrandt are a couple of local printmakers, teachers, outdoor enthusiasts and parents. They work together to make their wood prints; from salvaging the wood and processing it, to the printing and packaging. The tree ring prints are prepared and printed by hand in small editions. The print is made directly from the wood slab. All the pieces used are from Winnipeg or Southern Manitoba. They aim to carry a wide selection of sizes and species because the prints can only be made in one size. There is no digital work or computer printing done to make the prints. Pam also makes linocuts of small towns in Manitoba; from Morden to Churchill. It is a collection that is always growing! The linocut prints are all handmade and hand pressed as well. The maps compliment their other work well as it continues the largely black and white, modern and minimalist style that has become what Nice Art People are known for. Each print is original and unique because of the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) differences that hand printing creates. The imperfection that comes along with this type of art is one of the things that they love about it; there are unexpected results and many factors that can't be controlled. Pam and Darren aim to reveal the beauty, story and complexity of nature that is already there. They also want to create a way to enjoy nature in your home in a simple but stunning and timeless way. Each print is signed by both artists, numbered, titled and includes coordinates of tree origin when possible.
*The prints are listed here using their titles* [5x7] Xmas tree I, Xmas tree II, Maps of Rosenort, Winkler, Steinbach, Morden, The Pas, Churchill, Gimli, Plum Coulee, La Salle, Binscarth, Rathwell, Altona and Minnedosa. [8x10] Little Cottonwood, Apple [9x9] Little Ash, Little Oak II [12x12] Oak III, Cottonwood V, Russian Olive, Birch II, MB Maple II, Spruce II, Ash IV, Winnipeg Map [16x16] Fort Garry Elm, Siberian Elm II, Birch I, Ash V Elmwood Elm II [19 3/4 x 19 3/4] Spruce, Cottonwood III, Ash, NK Elm, MB Maple, Ash II, Square of 16 (black and white & colour), Ash III [24x24] Oak II (black and white & pink on white), Cottonwood IV, Elmwood Elm I [Larger/Irregular Sized] Poplar (24x36), Seven Oaks Elm (28x28), Ash VI (20x15)
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