Béton Brut Design

Amanda began her professional career in graphic design after graduating from the AI Art Institute in 2010 with a diploma in digital design, but after a couple of years she felt that she needed a change because she missed working with her hands. That is when she learned of the industrial design industry and immediately knew that it was everything she wanted to do. Amanda graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Design in 2015. While still a student, Amanda started her own design business focusing on her talents in concrete as a medium and skills as an industrial designer. She developed her own one-of-a-kind jewelry line utilizing 3D printing technology and hands on skills of concrete pouring and polishing to evolve tradition with technology by using old materials in a new way. The uniqueness of her craft gave her increasing attention and she was able to make the jump into her work full time in 2016 and has been steadily growing. Under her business moniker Béton Brut Design now has a robust selection of wholesale clients across Canada and the United States in gallery stores such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The National Building Museum, The Royal Alberta Museum, and the Harvard Museum of Science and Culture. Béton Brut Design creates concrete jewelry and objects inspired by the exploratory aesthetic of Brutalist architecture. French for “raw concrete”, the name speaks to the inherent beauty and honesty of the supplies used. It is about experimenting and moving beyond the boundaries of what is established as an aesthetically plain material. Each Béton Brut piece is unique and made with a blend of traditional craft and new technologies. The jewelry is made with a specially developed concrete mixture, refined through lengthy and rigorous testing, and altered by a selection of aggregates and concrete pigments. The concrete is prepared in small batches and each piece is hand polished before being sealed with an archival wax designed for longevity. Every resulting creation is enduring and timeless, with a pattern of colour and semi-precious stones that is as unique as its wearer.
Concrete jewelry: necklaces, earrings, rings. Concrete containers, trays, and small home products.