One Great City Brewing co


OGC is a Winnipeg owned and operated brewery who strive to bring the best products to the people they love. Adventurous and accessible, some beers will be familiar to all beer drinkers while others will be pleasant surprises. However, everyone will appreciate the quality of ingredients and the freshness of OGC’s beer that really sets them apart from the standard beer. The brewery's name comes from Winnipeg’s former motto that was a comfortable reminder after a long road trip that one was finally home. They strive to bring that same feeling into every product they make.
473ml cans of OGC beer: Falcon Blonde, Mad Scientist IPA, Tipsy Cow Milk Stout, Queen's Best Bitter, Belgian Esprit, Intrepid NEIPA Various OGC branded merchandise (T-shirts, Sweat shirts, hats)
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