Origin Handcrafted


The people behind Origin Handcrafted believe that we should love the things we own and that those things should be built to last. They've set out to create products that are set apart from others in their quality but also in their design. They source sustainable and often salvaged materials to craft beautiful knives that are made to be used every day, and also distinctive and natural wedding bands from old whiskey barrels, ethically sourced deer antler and Bison horn from the prairies. Their hope is that the quality and history within each piece inspires a level of care and consideration that, in some small way, combats the throwaway culture in which we find ourselves.
Kitchen knives - Japanese style culinary knives ranging from small parers to full size chefs knives. Magnetic Barnwood Knife Racks Mens Wedding Bands - carbon fiber paired with wood, antler and horn
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