Patent 5 Distillery


Patent 5 Distillery is a craft small batch distillery and cocktail room located in a turn of the century warehouse that once housed the horses and carriages of the Dominion Express Company in Winnipeg's Historic Exchange District of Winnipeg. The cocktail room is outfitted with reclaimed oak, chandeliers and stained glass from the famous St. Regis Hotel's Oak Room. Patent 5 Distillery was awarded the 2019 Commerce Design Winnipeg and the Heritage Winnipeg Distinguished Service Award in 2019 for the heritage preserved and displayed in the tasting room. History Distilled- The fifth patent issued by the Dominion of Canada in 1869 was for a column still. Patent 5 Distillery proudly carries forward this historic distilling process in the hand made copper still found in their still house. The distillery is dedicated to a grain to glass process. Each batch is mashed, fermented and distilled entirely in the historic Exchange District using Manitoba grains and spring fed water. Our focus on sustainability is exemplified in how our cooling water is recycled and reused to minimize waste and spent grain is used by local farmers to feed livestock. Patent Gin - We vapor infuse our citrus and floral botanicals to create a bright, juniper forward gin with complex citrus and spice notes and a soft and sweet wheat base. Bright, juniper-forward London Dry Style gin with plenty of fresh citrus on the palate and a lingering sweet and spicy finish. Patent 5 Vodka- We use a blend of Manitoba Red Spring wheat and barley and water from a 13,000 year old aquifer to create a vodka that is sweet and creamy with citrus notes. Fresh hay and butter on the nose, with a slight vanilla and a little burnt sugar on the palate. The finish has a hint of butterscotch. Purple Blossom Gin- A delightful spin on our Patent 5 Gin, using a special blend of Manitoba and Asian flower blossoms to create the gin's deep indigo color. Add your tonic and watch as the color magically transforms. Making an elegant looking cocktail has never been easier. Softer and slightly less expressive than our original Patent 5 gin, it still carries the juniper forward taste with plenty of fresh citrus on the palate.
Patent 5 Gin Patent 5 Vodka Patent 5 Purple Blossom Gin Patent 5 Swag- tees, hoodies, and hand crafted toques.
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