Scientific Sweets


Scientific Sweets was formed in 2016 by two full time lab technologists who were looking for an artistic and creative outlet to balance out their scientific sides. They specialize in highly detailed handmade sugar cookies in a variety of fun and unique designs. Each cookie is rolled, cut, baked, and decorated by hand by Jenn and Mary Lou. They believe that their cookies should not only look beautiful, but also taste unique and delicious. Scientific Sweets also creates their own sprinkle mixes in various themes and color palettes. Recently, Scientific Sweets has also ventured into the world of 3D printed cookie cutters of their own designs, including their best-selling Manitoba shape!
-Handmade sugar cookies in a wide variety of designs. This market will focus mostly on holiday themed designs, but will also likely include regular favorites such as unicorns and llamas. -Sprinkle mixes in a variety of color palettes. These are always a popular stocking stuffer item! -3D printed cookie cutters in a variety of shapes, including Manitoba and Winnipeg
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