Simone's Rose


At the heart of Simone’s Rose is a commitment to sustainable, ethically crafted fashion. This company's goal is to create thoughtful, modern clothing for women while being ever-conscious of the effect clothing has on not only the person wearing it, but the world around them. Simone's Rose creates garments that are flawlessly constructed while leaving the smallest environmental footprint as possible. Simone's Rose is a company that operates on a small batch and made to order production process. The small company size coupled with this type of production process ensures everyone working is treated fairly and with respect. Each garment is created by hand in studio in Winnipeg, MB (Canada). The design, material, fit, and construction create a functional and durable garment that outlives any fast fashion. We design & create garments that are made with love - just for you!
Womenswear : Dresses, jackets, tops, skirts and accessories (scarves, hair scrunchies & tote bags)
Clothing + Accessories