Simply Crampton's


Simply Crampton's is the production company of Crampton's Market (located at 7730 Roblin Blvd). We follow the same missions, goals and ethics that make Crampton's Market so special. Simply Crampton's strives to create gourmet food products using Manitoba ingredients whenever possible. Honey Butter is a unique combination of John Russell honey and Notre Dame butter, whipped together with flavourings to create 4 delicious varieties, vanilla, lemon, cinnamon and raspberry. Simply Crampton's Honey Butter is truly unique to the food market, there is no one else producing an item like it. One taste and you'll want to try them all on your french toast, waffles, pancakes and so much more!
We will be selling honey butter in the following flavours Raspberry Honey Butter Vanilla Honey Butter Cinnamon Honey Butter Lemon Honey Butter
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