Are you low maintenance, but expect high quality and big flavour from your food? Introducing Smak Dab Mustards, the most versatile condiment and ingredient in your kitchen, because mustard is no longer limited to sandwiches and burgers! Add a dab to homemade salad dressing, meats, marinades, sauces, vegetable dishes, charcuterie and cheese boards and so much more. Transform a boring meal into a lively gathering and use Smak Dab to fill the flavour gap. Founded by a Red Seal Chef and produced by a small family run operation in rural Manitoba, we use 100% Canadian mustard seeds and superlative ingredients you can taste. Smak Dab has the benefits of natural ingredients, zero fat, low sodium and sugar, and most flavours that are naturally gluten free, all without sacrificing flavour or mouth-watering taste.
Mustard and Gourmet Mustard Packs
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