Velvet Plume


Velvet Plume is a husband-and-wife team who design and sew one-of-a-kind rope vessels and small batch clothing. Their clothing line is original and eclectic; using 100% organic bamboo/cotton for the majority of their designs and with an additional one-of-a-kind couture collection; they stand on their own with timeless and high-quality clothing. Their rope baskets are the perfect accessory as an everyday bag or can accent the home and give creative life to any shelf or corner. The rope is stained/dyed with coffee, tea, plants and spices.With a meditative spin on the sewing machine, they sew the rope into various shapes/designs, using the rope as the canvas and thread as the paint. Everything created by Velvet Plume is made by both Graham & Kristie Epp with great attention to detail, quality and the love for handmade.
rope basket collection: dresser bowls, house gnomes, market basket and foraging baskets. clothing collection: one of a kind and small batch tunics, shrugs, leggings and skirts
Clothing + Accessories